Edsby for K-12 districts

A single, centrally-managed system for all digital learning, assessment and reporting.

School districts

Edsby is user friendly for teachers, students and parents. Grades are updated in real time and assignments can be posted for students who need to complete missing work. I have not run into any issues with Edsby.
Megan Reed, Teacher / FLVS, FL

More than just parent communication. More than a gradebook. More than an LMS. Edsby is the most comprehensive single digital environment for all things K-12.

Edsby keeps everyone in the loop & engaged

Students see their schedules and assignments. They interact in a familiar, private social media-like system, safe from the public Internet. Parents see their kids’ homework and grades. Teachers get course planning, attendance and assessment tools. Administrators can access district-wide analytics and find students at risk. Everyone gets what they need in real time, in one app.

Strong junior & elementary features

Edsby is chock full of things that make it great for younger grades, not just senior ones, including learning evidence capture and reporting, subjective performance indicators, portfolios of best work, input from and connections with everyone involved in a student’s education and more.

Outstanding parent management

Parents are critical to a child’s education in K-12. Only Edsby has such well-designed support for them. Parents get realtime insight into what’s happening in all classes from a single app—no navigating separate apps for different teachers or classes. Edsby also handles field trip and other approvals, parent-teacher conference scheduling and more.

Features for the future of K-12

Give your teachers the ability to use new methodologies like rubrics & other emerging assessment schemes. Assess to standards. Capture observations and other learning evidence. Edsby is where K-12 is going.

K-12, and only K-12.

Systems originally built for higher education have problems in K-12. Consumer solutions have privacy concerns. And “free” solutions can cost in unexpected ways. Edsby is only sold to K-12, not universities or businesses.

This program has been a great help to me! I love how it easy it is to assess students as classes progress! All the information in one place is amazing!
Nadine Draper, Music Teacher / Greater Essex County District School Board, 35,000 students and 4,500 staff on Edsby

Built for the unique needs of K-12 school districts

Reduces liability of teachers "going rogue"

Well intentioned teachers often introduce privacy and security issues with free software found on the Internet. Silos of potentially insecure applications can run districts afoul of CIPA, COPPA, FERPA, GDPR and other regulations. Edsby consolidates pockets of ad hoc teaching and learning software in a single, centrally managed enterprise-grade application with outstanding permission & access control.

Best-in-class student data handling

Edsby is the opposite of a free, downloadable education app. Edsby is adopted by school districts and states/provinces after rigorous evaluation of, among other things, its data practices. Student data is never monetized. It is stored, secured and managed with the same technology and rigor as the banking and online commerce industries.

Customizable, because no two districts do things the same

Districts all have different ways of doing assessments, calculating and sharing grades, choosing what to share with parents and more. So unlike fixed systems that impose their structures, Edsby gives districts freedom to work exactly how they’re used to.

Improves equity for learners

Improve consistency by pre-loading approved curriculum into Edsby and making it available to district schools year-after-year. Configuring Edsby to use only approved assessment schemes, standards, report card templates and workflow removes ambiguity for teachers and helps ensure all students get the same opportunities to learn.

Keeps your data in your neighborhood

A leading global Microsoft partner, Edsby is hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters around the world. Customers’ sensitive student data stays in their region.

The more you start to dig into the Edsby platform, the more power and potential you'll find.
Mike Poluk, Technology Special Assignment Teacher / Algoma District School Board, 9,400 students on Edsby

Underneath: a remarkable technology framework that enables remarkable things

Two-way sync with existing systems

Student, teacher, class, schedule and other info comes from the district’s SIS/SMS and other systems—not from manual input. So Edsby can deploy quickly and stay up to date as enrollment and other data changes. It even connects to the district’s HR system, info in CSVs or other structured data.

Makes teachers' lives easier

Because it connects to existing systems, classes in Edsby are pre-loaded with the right students and parents automatically. Attendancegrade books, parent communication and other features are automatically set up.

The right info to the right people at the right time

Powerful analytics use the Edsby permissions system already synced with a region’s databases, to ensure users only see information on students they’re entitled to.

Learn more about how Edsby could help your district

I've moved all my online mastery quizzes over to Edsby. I use it in concert with Classcraft to gamify my classes and keep everything organized. I will be encouraging my entire team to use shared assessments on Edsby next year.
Jared Thorlakson, Science Department Head / Pembina Trails School Division