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Learning Evidence

Breakthrough new assessment, reporting and parent communication optimized for kindergarten and early elementary years

In kindergarten and early elementary, students are assessed anecdotally. So the gradebooks in most learning management systems, which came originally from higher education, are non-starters.

Edsby is a comprehensive learning platform made for the whole of K-12, including early years. It has powerful, modern ways to capture and report on visual learning evidence and show growth over time… all in the same Edsby app already used by other grades.


Easily capture pictures, conversations or video in the classroom. Optimized for handheld devices.


Work together with co-teachers to assemble and review evidence in a single, shared view.


Manage and group evidence in scrapbook-like views. Apply personal tags. Sort by dates. Link to expectations, standards or outcomes.


Add personal analysis of collected evidence and assess vs. learning goals to document growth.


Easily share best work with students and their parents without having to manage their contact info.


Leverage evidence to make formal reporting time faster and easier.

How one school district uses Edsby's visual evidence features in kindergarten (3 min video):


Integration with pedagogy shows teachers and parents a child’s progress against the district’s learning goals. Other systems that do simple parent sharing do not.

Teachers accounts, classes, students, parents and more are added and maintained automatically courtesy of tight integration with the school district’s other systems.

Edsby’s learning evidence is integrated with the rest of a district’s broader Edsby features, such as lesson planning, journal, group collaboration, parent communication, attendance, report card system and much more. All in a single app used by all teachers, parents and students of all grades. There’s never a question of which app to use for what.

Edsby never retains any photos or videos of students or their work on teachers’ devices. Edsby saves all data to the secure Edsby service. All data is owned by the school district, not Edsby.

Students’ best work is retained in an online Edsby portfolio for the whole of students’ complete K-12 learning journeys.

The system is deployable district wide so all teachers, students and parents can benefit. All data remains under district ownership and control.

All student data remains in the school district’s geographic region for student data regulatory compliance. Edsby is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers located around the world, which provide guaranteed regional data sovereignty.

We’re able to record photographs and conversations in real time as they’re happening. Edsby's evidence features really make things easy.
Katie McKnight, Kindergarten Teacher / Greater Essex County District School Board, 35,000 students and 4,500 staff on Edsby

See Edsby’s learning evidence features for yourself

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