Edsby for Analytics

Insights for K-12 educators that enable actions.

Edsby gives educators and policymakers insight previously thought impossible, along with ways to take action on the trends or outliers they discover… all in the same system.

Uniquely respects user roles and privacy obligations of K-12 student data

No other data analytics solution makes such powerful data available to the educators that need to see it.

Best Data Solution

Far beyond just dashboards

Edsby’s breakthrough learning analytics capabilities enable educators to find trends in achievement data and identify at-risk students in near real time across an individual school, group of schools or a whole school district or geography. Powerful drill-down capabilities enable users to find exactly what they seek… right within the same system educators can use to actually take action on findings.

Edsby is often the first analytics system teaching staff is actually able—and wants—to use.

Dynamic insights, not a rearward-looking data warehouse

In conventional data warehouses, academic data must be imported periodically. By definition, it’s historical information. Edsby provides near real time insight using data up-to-date to the day before, and gives educators and policy makers ways to take action to improve student success.

Data from everywhere, over any protocol

Edsby can serve as the primary store of academic information across a district or region—a single place where everything having to do with student success can be collected and normalized. Data comes from Edsby, and with additional professional services, from other LMSes, gradebooks or any other historical sources for the most complete picture possible.

Role-based permissions

Standalone business intelligence systems often only offer insight to a select few data specialists in a district, through whom data requests must be funnelled. Edsby analytics use the comprehensive Edsby permissions system, synchronized with district or region databases. Teachers can see information only on students they currently teach. Principals and office staff can see only info relevant to their school. District level officials can access information across the whole district.

Detailed insight into any student’s academic progress at any time

When a parent calls, the Edsby Panorama can show a school principal everything at a glance: a student’s current classes, grades, performance against standards, attendance, schedule, observations teachers have made, what the student’s workload looks like, whether they’re getting assignments in on time, discipline records and more.

Modern, interactive interface

Edsby’s analytics use Microsoft’s Power BI visualization system to provide dynamic, living dashboards with filtering and drill-down only a click away. Edsby provides a wide range of ready-made dashboards, and via additional professional services can generate custom dashboards and enable regions to generate their own.

Edsby analytics
Edsby analytics - student maps
Improve teaching
Inform school improvement
Track and improve pass rates
Predict students at risk
Measure how students are performing on learning standards over time
Detect and correct attendance problems
Identify non-engaged students
Teachers are just gushing, ‘this is so good—I can’t believe how good this is.’
Michael Cain, Teaching & Learning Consultant / Durham Catholic District School Board - 22,000 students & their parents on Edsby

Enables educators and policymakers to take action

Only in Edsby can teams of educators work together so effectively using real-time trends and insights to collaborate on student success.
Edsby Analytics - Teachers meeting
Teams of educators can work together in Edsby to identify and remediate students at risk.

Manage care for students at risk

Students that might benefit from extra care can be grouped together for special educator attention. Edsby Monitor Groups, a long-established and appreciated feature of Edsby, can be set up as desired by educators.

Loop in other stakeholders

Edsby enables teachers to communicate privately with students and/or their parents, and/or fellow teachers or guidance counsellors within the school’s same official, protected communications system. Observations allow educators to make confidential notes that only other educators with the right permissions can see.

Asynchronous or realtime meetings

Edsby Groups enable teachers to collaborate online when their schedules allow and serve a place to assemble resources. Connections to popular videoconferencing systems enable realtime meetings.

National scale with Unison

For large states and provinces or national governments, Edsby’s Unison education data platform allows policymakers to assemble and query education data across their jurisdictions, regardless of what systems it was previously siloed in.

Unison switch logo

Edsby puts a tremendous amount of information at my fingertips. It provides me with a wide range of tools that allow me to work with students, parents and teachers to create the best possible learning environments in our school.
Scott Johnson, Vice Principal / Clarke High School, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, 34,000 students and 3,450 staff on Edsby

With Edsby platform features


On one screen, educators can access everything relating to a child’s education, incl. current grades, parent info, attendance, discipline, progress reports, learning evidence, IEPs, report cards, portfolio, alerts, schedule, teacher observations & more.


Powerful ways for students, teachers and parents to collaborate. Convenient, secure & effective. Can be closed or open to an entire school, or even a school district or region. Open them to everyone or only make visible to specified roles (e.g. only teachers.) Ideal for teams, clubs, PD & more.

Confidential Messages

Teachers can email students, parents or anyone else in the district. No email addresses or address book needed. Addresses sync from official systems.


Teacher observations on a student are recorded and visible to school or district staff having permission to see them, including the student’s other current teachers.

…powered by Unison technology

Two-way integration with legacy systems

Remarkable two-way sync with existing systems for student, teacher, class, daily schedule and other info. Connects with SISes/SMSes, HR databases, Excel files, CSVs and other structured data not normally available.

Single Sign-On

Use existing LDAP and/or Active Directory for user authentication. and perform Single Sign On (SSO) with Kerberos, oAuth, Google Workspace for Education or O365+Azure.

Data consolidation

Data from many sources can be consolidated and normalized. Proprietary and open protocols can then share data selectively with other systems consistent with customers’ policies.

Role-Based Access Control

Designed for the unique needs of K-12, where safety of students & their data is paramount. Manages access of students, parents, teachers and school and district staff to ensure the right people get access to the right info.


A learning record store (LRS) tracks student activity within the system. Also tracks history of changes made to content. Enables powerful analytics where appropriate.

Data sovereignty

A leading global Microsoft partner, Edsby is hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters around the world. Customers’ sensitive student data stays in their region.

App Framework

Need something Edsby doesn’t do today? Custom apps can be built leveraging Edsby’s infrastructure. E.g. custom registrations, credit recovery, substitute teacher mgmt or more.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available for tight interoperability with other systems.

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