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With Edsby, educators can gain perspective that’s data-driven but tempered by their experience. Edsby gives educators and policymakers insight previously thought impossible.

Best Data Solution

Far beyond just dashboards

Edsby’s breakthrough learning analytics capabilities enable educators to find trends in achievement data and identify at-risk students in real time across an individual school, group of schools or a whole school district or region. Powerful drill-down capabilities enable users to find exactly what they seek… right within the same system educators can use to actually take action on findings.

Edsby is often the first analytics system teaching staff is actually able—and wants—to use.

Dynamic insights, not a rearward-looking data warehouse

In conventional data warehouses, academic data must be imported periodically. By definition, it’s historical information. Edsby provides real time insight using live, up-to-date data and gives educators and policy makers at local, regional or national levels ways to take action to improve student success.

Data from everywhere, over any protocol

Edsby can serve as the primary store of academic information across a district, region or country—a single place where everything having to do with student success can be collected and normalized. Data can come from Edsby and/or other LMSes, gradebooks or any other sources for the most complete picture possible.

Leverages Edsby permissions

Standalone business intelligence systems often only offer insight to a select few data specialists in a district, through whom data requests must be funneled. Edsby analytics use the comprehensive Edsby permissions system, synchronized with district or region databases. Teachers can see information only on students they currently teach. Principals and office staff can see only info relevant to their school. District level officials can access information across the whole district.

Detailed insight into any student’s academic progress at any time

When a parent calls, Edsby can show a school principal everything at a glance: a student’s current classes, grades, performance against standards, attendance, schedule, observations teachers have made, what the student’s workload looks like, whether they’re getting assignments in on time, discipline records and more.

Edsby analytics
Edsby analytics - student maps
Improve teaching
Inform school improvement
Track and improve pass rates
Predict students at risk
Measure how students are performing on learning standards over time
Detect and correct attendance problems
Identify non-engaged students
Edsby brings it all together under one nice umbrella. It's easy for staff to use, and helps them communicate with students and parents.
Jamie Patenall, Vice-Principal / Cobourg Collegiate Institute