Engage students, parents and teachers on all of their devices

Enable personalized learning experiences, and

Facilitate your district’s digital transformation

Edsby is the most comprehensive learning and analytics platform available for K-12 school districts and regional governments.

New assessment methodologies

Assess to standards. Capture observations and other evidence of learning. Use rubrics & emerging assessment schemes.

Single application

Single walled garden app eliminates point solutions. Parents only need one app. Reduces student data privacy concerns.

Full K-12 support

Unique features for assessment & reporting on progress of junior and elementary students, not just high school.

Real time student progress

Parents and educators see latest results, overdue assignments, attendance and more, and can intervene if needed.

Gives students voice

Polling. Portfolios of best work. Conversations around assessments. Students can reflect on their work.

Personalized learning

Group assessments with student notes. Assessments for subsets of students. Tagging. Teachers can personalize instruction.

World class analytics

Teachers get the big picture of each of their students. Administrators get even bigger pictures, using live data.

Features for the future of K-12

Edsby is where K-12 is going. Give your teachers tools that work the way you want them to today & tomorrow.

All Edsby Features

Permission Control Classroom Management Assessment & reporting Group collaboration Timetable & calendar Community engagement Approvals & workflows School news Analytics

Made just for K-12

Unlike other systems, Edsby wasn’t made first for higher ed. It was designed specifically for K-12.

Business solutions are a poor fit in K-12. They cost too much, are too hard to support and aren’t built for K-12 scale, parent support or access control. Systems originally built for higher education have the same problems. Consumer solutions like Facebook prompt privacy concerns. And “free” solutions can be problematic and cost in unexpected ways.

Edsby was built specifically for K-12 and its unique challenges and requirements. It knows about K-12-specfic standards and reporting, bell schedules and more.

The best parent management in K-12

Edsby knows that parents are critical to a child’s education and has well-designed support for them. Teachers don’t have to manage parent information in Edsby because parent information comes from district databases.

Parents get realtime views into what’s happening in class, from a single app with a single sign-on no matter how many children they have in the district. Edsby handles field trip and other approvals, parent-teacher conference scheduling and more.

Edsby made for k-12

Strong elementary features

Edsby is chock full of things that make it great for junior grades, not just senior ones.

Edsby works your way

Use your district’s terminology and processes

Local policies drive regional educational standards. Districts all have different ways of doing assessments, calculating and sharing grades, choosing what to share with parents and more. So unlike fixed systems that impose their own structures, Edsby gives freedom to work exactly how a region wants to.

  • Use local assessment schemes
  • Apply local, state or federal standards, expectations or outcomes
  • Customize with local terms
  • Easily add district and school brand
  • Support for custom reports
  • Custom forms, workflows and apps
  • Use district’s existing report card in Edsby
  • Customizations preserved when system is updated

Reduce district liability

Well intentioned teachers often introduce privacy and security issues with free software found on the Internet. Silos of unsupported and potentially insecure applications create legal and regulatory risk for districts. Edsby consolidates pockets of ad hoc teaching and learning software in a single, centrally managed enterprise-grade application with outstanding permission & access control.

Edsby works your way

Improve equity for learners

Improve consistency by pre-loading approved curriculum into Edsby and making it available to district schools year-after-year. Configuring Edsby to use only approved assessment schemes, standards, report card templates and workflow removes ambiguity for teachers and helps ensure all students get the same opportunities to learn.

Keep your data in your neighborhood

A leading global Microsoft partner, Edsby is hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters around the world. Customers’ sensitive student data is kept in their region.

The new generation of school is here, and it is Edsby in the form of a big eyed blue mascot.
Ben Vanderheide / Smithville Christian High School


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