Taking on hard stuff in K‑12

Edsby’s unique technologies connect K‑12 in ways nobody else does

Edsby K-12 LMS

More than just an LMS, the Edsby social learning environment for K-12 puts the connections between people, not just documents, at the center of student learning.

Assessment & reporting for the whole of K-12

Communication & collaboration

Optimized for in-class, hybrid and online

Solutions for…

K-12 LMS for school districts

K-12 school districts

K-12 LMS for regional governments

Regional governments

K-12 LMS for private schools

Private schools

Community engagement

Learning management

Assessment & reporting


Student well-being

Young mom and kids

Early years

Edsby is an absolute lifesaver. If one of my kids loses his or her homework and has to print it out, I make 'em hug the laptop and say, "give Edsby a hug, it just saved your grade!" I love Edsby as a parent, educator and former student.
Siobhan Herckert, Teacher / Learning Gate Community School
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The Unison education data platform standardizes current and past education data and makes it available anywhere, in whatever form it’s needed.

Connect any stakeholder to correct data

Enforce regional policies

Support life-long learning records

Edsby Unison

Secure management of confidential data for more than


users worldwide over 30 years

I love how easy it is to enter grades for my students and categorize areas. It is easy to communicate with students and parents using this platform.
Loretta Molloy, Teacher / Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, 34,000 students and 3,450 staff on Edsby

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