Field trips, school opportunities, and requests for volunteers are all simplified using Edsby’s Approvals feature. Edsby Approvals enable teachers to send requests directly to parents and teachers will receive a list of parents who have responded as soon as they do. Edsby Approvals does not let permission slips get lost at any point during the process as they are kept secure within Edsby.

Responding to Requests

You will receive permission requests directly as a message in your mailbox. Each permission request is customized to your name and you can answer the approval directly on the request.

To view the request, navigate to your mailbox by clicking the envelope icon in your mobile Navigation Bar.

The approval will be at the top of your mailbox with a notification. Click the message to view the request. All information regarding the event will be available to you.

At the bottom of the request are options for you to choose. Select one of the options and click Submit.

The request will be submitted to the person who created it with a record of your name and how you responded.