Personalized learning with Microsoft & Edsby

It’s now easier than ever to understand and tailor education to students’ individual needs with Microsoft and the Edsby platform for K-12.

K-12 school districts, regions and national governments worldwide want learning to be more personalized. But definitions and expectations for personalized learning are evolving.

In a session called Personalized learning with Microsoft & Edsby, education leaders learned how the Edsby learning and analytics platform keeps all stakeholders in a child’s education engaged with the most comprehensive, personalized system available today for K-12.

In a recording of this 50 minute hands-on session plus Q&A, see how this well thought-out, integrated system has been designed specifically for the full spectrum of K-12 learners & their unique requirements, and how it respects regional standards, terminology and data sovereignty requirements.

Watch and listen to a recording of the event by clicking on the above.