The most efficient districts use district-wide LMSes

Media reports find district-wide platforms like Edsby a common denominator among leading K-12 school districts.

Education Dive, an education-related analysis publication, writes that district-wide learning management systems like Edsby can improve the effectiveness of educators by streamlining administrative tasks and freeing them up to spend more time on instruction.

Citing an article in eSchool News on secrets of incredibly efficient districts, the publication notes most efficient districts use a single district-wide, end-to-end digital platform that allows for the integration of different systems while giving staff members access to everything they need through a single login.

These districts have high user adoption, lower costs, less teacher turnover, an ability to modernize pedagogical methods, and they offer teachers actionable data to measure student progress.

By contrast, in less effective districts teachers decide which apps to use themselves, which are often not tied in with district’s back-end systems and therefore require more effort for teachers to configure and roll out, the publications say.

As teachers get the ability to do more online, districts have to be sure their systems are integrated for ease-of-use. From there, efficiency can not only improve staff satisfaction, it can improve student outcomes and operational effectiveness.

Integration, as pointed out in the article cited by Education Dive, can take the form of a single log-in for content, curriculum, PD, instruction, communication, collaboration and assessment. Platforms like Edsby are designed to provide a unified experience like this to every educator, student and parent in a district.

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