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School & District News

Edsby gives districts an electronic way to share latest happenings with students and parents. News unique to a school can be shared at the school level, with district-level news shared among all schools.

Students and parents see the latest

Share latest developments or upcoming events at a school—or across all schools, district-wide—with students and parents. At the top of all Edsby users’ home screen is a scrolling “river of news” that any staff member or student can suggest items to.

Aggregated across schools for parents

If a parent has children at multiple schools in the district, the parent sees news from all of their children’s schools in addition to district news. No more hunting in backpacks for notices home.

Staff moderation

Only admins with special privileges can approve or schedule items for future publication or deletion.

Our students and parents are loving Edsby.
Dave Hecock, Vice Principal / Crestwood Preparatory College

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