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Edsby stores district data for worst case scenarios

Remember the simpler days, where the most subversive ways students could communicate was bathroom graffiti and passing notes in class? These days, those almost quaint forms of communication have given way to dozens of forms of electronic message passing that can be used for good — and bad.

The real question is whether your district has a good grasp on the communications flowing through your network. As schools have migrated their systems and services to the web, maintaining good oversight and archiving control over district communication has become more challenging and more important.

Does your district have a plan in place for dealing with a worst case scenario, such as a lawsuit or questions from police or the media? How do you investigate issues of cyber bullying, sexting, staff impropriety, and fulfill freedom of information requests? While no one wants to think about these things, not having a plan can be costly.

Edsby can serve as an archiving and e-discovery system to enable a district to retain, archive, search, and export critical data consistent with your district’s data retention policy. (This policy varies by state or province, ranging from a set period of time, typically 3-5 years.) All grades, observations, notations, class postings, private messages and files can be retained in Edsby for future reference.

Freedom of Information Requests 

Edsby can be used to fulfill FOIA requests, allowing the searching of archived data for the entire district or individual user(s). Data is securely stored and cannot be removed by a user. Information can be saved for internal review or exported to be surrendered to an external party.

Internal investigation

Edsby provides administrators with access into the account of any user. In the event that a user attempts to remove incriminating evidence prior to the start of an investigation, Edsby still retains copies of all exchanges and postings. Additionally, file attachment data can be searched and reviewed.

Data recovery

Edsby can also be used to recover lost data. In the event that a teacher accidentally deletes course content, for example, files can be recovered and re-populated from the Edsby archive.

Edsby makes monitoring district communication much easier than figuring out who wrote on the bathroom walls. Whether your primary or secondary backup solution, Edsby can be an essential tool for helping district administrators keep staff and students safe and secure and to ensure compliance with state, provincial and federal regulations.