Behind the Scenes: District Leaders’ Priorities for ESSER Funding

ESSER funding

Dr. Rod Berger speaks about the use of ESSER funding and the opportunities it presents with Dr. Steve Joel, superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska, Dr. Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent of the Victoria Independent School District in Texas, and Doug Mesecar, partner at Strategos Group.

Mesecar frames the discussion by offering a breakdown of U.S. ESSER funding with insight from government policymakers. Dr. Joel and Dr. Shepherd bring their perspective on how they approached allocating funding and the complexity inherent in that decision.

Those in education have been requesting funding for years. The arrival of ESSER funds for schools in the U.S. came great opportunity, great responsibility, and difficult questions about where the dollars go. The group discussed some of those crucial questions posed and how they tackled this issue and other leaders within the sector. Student outcomes are always the north star, yet careful consideration of the ROI and spending wisely have directed much decision-making.

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