Cloud-based learning management & analytics for K-12

Edsby is the most comprehensive learning and analytics software platform available for K-12. It enables personalized learning experiences and gives school districts, regional or national governments powerful, new ways to measure and improve their educational effectiveness.

Engage students, parents and teachers on all of their devices

Align practices with district policies, and

Measure effectiveness and ensure student success in real time

New assessment methodologies

Assess to standards. Capture observations and other evidence of learning. Use rubrics & emerging assessment schemes like strands.

Single application

Single walled garden app eliminates point solutions. Parents only need one app. Reduces student data privacy concerns.

Full K-12 support

Unique features for assessment & reporting on progress of junior and elementary students, not just high school.

Student progress in real time

Parents and educators see latest results, overdue assignments, attendance and more, and can intervene if needed.

Gives students voice

Polling. Portfolios of best work. Conversations around assessments. Students can reflect on their work.

Personalized learning

Group assessments with student notes. Assessments for subsets of students. Tagging. Teachers can personalize instruction.

World class analytics

Teachers get the big picture of each of their students. Administrators get even bigger pictures, using live data.

Features for the future of K-12

Support for where K-12 is going. Gives teachers tools that work the way you want them to work today & tomorrow.

All Edsby Features

What sets Edsby apart?

Just made for K-12, so has exactly what you need

Unlike other systems, Edsby wasn’t made first for higher ed. It was designed just for K-12, and it shows. Which means great parent support, report card workflows and more.


Uses your policies, terms and standards

Set up processes to work the way your district works today. Assess to your standards. Use your terminology. Keep sensitive student data in your region.


Connects to everything, so works for everybody

Connect to your existing databases and infrastructure. All your users can log in and get a modern experience, and everything you choose to share with them.


We have 100% use of Edsby with our teachers and students. Compare that to any other product on the market.
Jon Butcher, Past Information Technology Integration Committee Chair / St. Andrew's College


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