Submitting assignments online

Edsby gives teachers the ability to create assignments that can be handed in online. There are multiple places where an assignment can be submitted in Edsby, but any of them will do the trick. For the teacher to receive the assignment, it only needs to be submitted one time in one place within Edsby.

To submit an assignment online through Edsby, view it in My Work, your schedule, your Recent Activity feed, or the feed of the class in which the assignment is due. If online submission is enabled, a Submit button will appear next to the assignment in your Recent Activity Feed, Calendar, Class Feed, and your My Work Report.

Submitting an Assignment

  1. Click on the Submit button.
  2. Click one of the three icons to either take a photograph, browse your computer for the file you want to submit, or add a video or link.
  3. A comment can be included with your assignment submission. Click Submit.

You will receive a confirmation of submission screen.

After the assignment has been submitted, it will move to Ungraded Assessments in My Work until the teacher has assigned a grade to it.

Students, if allowed by the teacher, have the opportunity to resubmit their assignment by clicking the Resubmit button and uploading a new file and comment.