Engaging Effectively within Education

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Dr. Rod Berger speaks about engaging effectively within education with Dr. Andraé Townsel, superintendent at Benton Harbor Area Schools, Michigan; Dr. Kevin McGowan, superintendent at Brighton Central School District, New York; and Dr. Sheldon Berman, AASA Lead Superintendent for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and superintendent of 28 years out of Massachusetts.

Those leading our industry have shown outstanding stewardship and innovation during this challenging time, leaping us forward in tech adoption. Does this unique time in modern history allow for a new educational paradigm, and if so, how can the latest technology and changing attitudes to data and analytics shift us to more effective outcomes?

The guests discuss the importance of meaningful connections with stakeholders. Not with one-way communication but engaging the aim of proper understanding and empathy. As Dr. McGowen notes, “We need to be intentional in our communication, intentional in providing access, in listening, and being vulnerable.”

The discussion covers SEL, the growing acceptance and adoption of data use, the role of superintendents in maintaining a healthy information ecology, and the risks associated with imparting change at scale.

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