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Your teachers and parents are already talking on Edsby

Edsby can also help them meet in the real world


It used to be that scheduling parent-teacher conferences meant a lot of paper, time and effort. Or, expensive standalone software that usually didn’t tie into your other systems. Parent-teacher conference scheduling can be done directly in Edsby—the same Edsby your parents and teachers already use.

Edsby already knows everybody

Edsby knows about every class in your district, who the teachers are, who the students are and who their parents are. So it’s easy for Edsby to facilitate the right parent teacher meetings. No extra system for you, your parents or teachers to learn, or extra SIS integration.

Easy for teachers

When parent teacher conference time arrives, teachers can block out times they won’t be available. Teachers receive an up-to-the-second dashboard of which meetings have been booked. They can print their final schedule so they know where they need to be, and when.

Gives parents power

Teacher conference invitations are integrated with the same instant Edsby messages parents already exchange with teachers. So parents get the same notification they’re already used to. Parents can choose exact slots they want and know in real time if they’re available.

Accommodates everyone

Parents can book appointments themselves. But teachers and office staff can still book meetings on behalf of parents, and their bookings appear on teachers’ & parents’  calendars in real time.

Smart scheduling

Customizable meeting slot lengths. Flexible break booking for teachers. Editable bookings. Printable appointment calendars and confirmation emails. There are plenty of intelligent scheduling features in Edsby.

Administrative help

Office admins can assist with bookings, and oversee schedules, with counts of booked, open and blocked slots. Admins can search by date, or monitor by teacher.

Features include

Visual display of available teacher time slots

Allow parents to view sibling schedules side by side

Provides parent with printable appointment schedule

Prevents parents from booking appointments that put them in two places at one time

Allows parents to cancel and rebook appointments

24/7 access for online scheduling

Will not display other scheduled appointments to parents

Ability to control when the scheduler is open and closed to parents

Access to real-time reports

Ability for teachers to log in and view schedules in real-time

Online searchable parent information

User defined parent information can be collected

Multiple user acces levels

Limited access can be set for specific email addresses

And more

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