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Data consolidation

Edsby can serve as a primary repository of learning content and assessment data—a single place where everything having to do with student success can be collected, normalized, measured, communicated… and re-used.

Aggregate information

Get information out of long-lost systems and into educator’s hands. Edsby uses proprietary and open standards to talk to a variety of data sources, such as different brands of student systems (SIS/SMSes) and legacy data warehouses. It consolidates and normalizes data, and can then use those same proprietary and open protocols to share data selectively with other systems at customers’ direction.

Regional or national consolidation

Provincial, state and federal ministries and departments of education can use Edsby to consolidate data from multiple school districts or boards, no matter how many, or what type, of SISes or SMSes are involved.

Use consolidated data as the basis for powerful real-time analytics. And/or for regional electronic student records. See the big picture of how an entire jurisdiction is performing. Assess progress against regional standards. Make data-driven decisions about attendance, enrollment, at-risk detection or more. Find areas for improvement and measure the impact of changes.

Most efforts at regional data consolidation are infrequent. Data warehouses may only receive monthly or even annual imports. Edsby can bring together data across a whole region more regularly—even daily.


Comprehensive logging

Edsby carefully logs all system activity. Detailed records are available as needed, in case forensic investigations of Edsby data are required.

Access to archives

Access classes, assignments, tests, schedules, group content and more from previous years. Teachers can copy-and-paste when preparing for new classes.

Learning object repository (LOR)

Edsby can serve as the central repository of learning objects in a region, allowing teachers to easily collaborate on and share resources.

Edsby is a valuable tool for connecting students, families, and staff members. It is a well-developed system that allows for communication and data to flow freely and safely.
William Groot, Principal / Toronto District Christian High School