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Safety & access control

Edsby was designed for the unique needs of K-12, where the safety of students and their data is paramount.

Built from the start for K-12

Access to student data in K-12 education is tricky business. Parents need to have access to their childrens’ information, and only their childrens’ information. Teachers should only have access to detailed information on students they currently teach. But students come and go from classes. Court orders sometimes affect certain parents’ access to certain student information. Every school or district level staff member doesn’t necessarily need to see everything about every student all the time. And policies are usually different district to district, region to region. Edsby accommodates all of this.

Keeps districts compliant

Edsby gives districts a single, managed “walled garden” for all communications between students, teachers and parents so confidential information stays protected. By syncing tightly with the district or region’s systems, Edsby stays up to date as databases change. Edsby helps ensure organizations always remain compliant with CIPA, COPPA, FERPA, GDPR and other regulations, which can be compromised if teachers use free software and public social media in their classes.

User authentication with any identifier

In Edsby, users aren’t bound to email addresses. Schools and districts can use existing identification systems, such as student number. Edsby supports internal, external or mixed authentication.

State-of-the-art network security

Edsby makes significant investments in its cloud operations to ensure high uptime and sanctity of customer data in transit and in storage. It undergoes regular third party penetration testing.

edsby and parent

Sophisticated role definitions

Edsby shows different types of information and gives distinct levels of access to students and parents, as well as teacher, administrator, guidance and other staff support roles—at both school AND district levels.

Complex links & relationships

Flexible links are supported between districts, schools, classes & more. Teachers can be recognized as teaching at multiple schools. Parents can have kids in multiple schools and still manage them all from a single login.

Malware scanning

Edsby automatically scans all file uploads for viruses and other malware, and quarantines viruses or other files determined to be problematic.

Parent registration & management

Create parent accounts from existing known parent information, and/or self registration.

Details about Edsby access management

The report card and assessment tracking system is all we could ask for. And the privacy settings and ability to invite and block certain groups is seamless, which is very important for a school.
Mike Packowski, Principal / Linbrook School