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Universal integration

Users never see it. But it’s radical. Edsby connects to existing systems and content in a sophisticated way that’s different from conventional LMSes. It’s the secret to Edsby’s massive scalability, rapid deployment and easy administration.

Two-way integration with legacy systems

At the heart of Edsby is a remarkable two-way connection to existing systems so districts can deploy Edsby on their terms, consistent with existing policies and educational standards. Student, teacher, class, daily schedule and other information in Edsby comes from existing systems—not from manual input. This way, Edsby can be deployed quickly to all teachers, students and parents. And it stays up to date as student, teacher and course data changes.

Edsby integrates unusually tightly with student information or management systems (SISes/SMSes), pulls much more information than simple rostering, and even pushes data back if desired. Unlike rudimentary sync approaches, Edsby also pushes and pulls information to and from HR databases, Excel files, CSVs or any other structured data not normally available. This enables a secure, cross platform, device independent way to share previously disparate information with students, teachers and parents.

  • Integrates with popular or custom Student Information Systems
  • Connects to HR systems, CSVs and/or other structured data
  • LDAP and/or Active Directory authentication
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with Kerberos, oAuth, Google Apps for Education or O365+Azure
  • Roles management for powerful permissions

New lease on life for old SISes

Many student information systems are surprisingly old. Edsby can serve as a modern, contemporary way to leverage and update data inside a district’s SIS, effectively extending the service life of custom or off-the-shelf SISes.

Because Edsby has been built to work with any SIS, and integrate with other systems at the same time, it has a more robust, polished interface and more advanced functionality than simple portals available from SIS vendors.

Details of Edsby's integration architecture

We were surprised how easy it was to connect our SIS to Edsby.
Dave Hecock, Vice Principal / Crestwood Preparatory College