Zooms are a powerful data analysis tools, designed to help school administrators manage the school by providing information about people, classes, rooms, and groups.

Each Zoom provides a list view of data. These lists can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Each Zoom also provides a set of filters on the left that enable you to create a specific subset and then perform operations on that subset (like send messages). For example, administrators could create a list of all grade 9 parents who have students on the Basketball Team and quickly send a mass message reminding them to sign permission forms.  The filters are based on the columns being displayed.

The general Zoom panel is available to staff members with a role of Principal, Office Head, Office Staff, IT Administrator, and Guidance.

Zoom Data Exports

Each of the Zooms provides a way to export the information in the Zoom to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. This CSV file can then be opened with a variety of spreadsheet, database, or word processing software.