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Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 are good.

With Edsby, they become great.

Edsby adds a host of new capabilities to schools and districts that use Google Apps and/or Office 365. Edsby’s features help create a world class digital learning environment for administrators, teachers, students and parents that also integrates with existing infrastructure, including student information systems (SISes).

Edsby & Google Apps for Education and/or O365 together…

Complementary capabilities

There’s very little overlap. Each systems’ features complement each other well.

Bring parents in

With Edsby, parents can engage in kids’ classes, view their attendance and grades and help as coaches.

No extra sign-on required

Edsby can share a single login with Google and/or O365. Once logged into one, you’re good to go in the other.

Blur the lines

Students & teachers can work in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and submit documents into Edsby groups and classes.

Great on mobile & desktop

Enjoy anytime, anywhere learning. Works great on desktop browsers or mobile applications.

Breeze to set up

Edsby, Google Apps for Education and O365 are all cloud-based. Connecting them together is a snap.

See how Edsby extends Google Apps and/or Office 365 in exciting new ways

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