Communicating with Your Child’s Teachers

Edsby enables parents to easily communicate with their children’s teachers. You can communicate and interact with the teachers of your children through Edsby Messages, Recent Activity, and your child’s Learning Story.

Edsby Messages

The easiest way to ask your child’s teacher a question is to send them a private message using Edsby Messages.

Access your mailbox by clicking the envelope icon in the Navigation Bar.

Click the compose message button in the top right of the mailbox.

Fill out the recipient and send the message.

Recent Activity

If teachers have not enabled parents to enter a class, all notes, events, and assessments posted by your children’s teachers will be visible in their Recent Activity on your Home Screen.

Let your children’s teachers know that you are reading the notes and assessments they are posting by liking the posts in your child’s Recent Activity feed.

Learning Story

Edsby provides teachers with tools to capture evidence regarding student learning. Once captured, teachers can share the evidence with students and parents in the Learning Story.

View your child’s Learning Story and any evidence their teachers have shared by clicking Learning Story under their name on your mobile Home Screen.

Or, find it under their Classes Panel on your browser Home Screen.

You can like and comment on any posts in the feed and communicate with your child’s teachers about each item of evidence.