May 2014 Edsby improvements

Edsby is constantly introducing new features and making fixes.

In a server update now available (“build 13116”), Edsby now offers five new features and many fixes.

New features

Progress Reports

Teachers and administrators can now print Progress Reports at the class level by navigating to a Gradebook. Click the gear icon and select View Progress Reports. You can now select your reporting period (all or current).

progress alerts

The Progress Report provides a printable report that includes:

  • A graph of assessment grades
  • A list of Shared and graded assessments
  • A list of any Shared and incomplete assessments tagged with Overdue, Rejected, or Not Done
  • Attendance history

Here’s an example of a Progress Report with all the segments enabled.

progres alert example

Only Incomplete Assessments are included in the report. Only students with incomplete assessments will be included. If you have 4 students with overdue assessments, you will only get 4 reports. No wasted paper.

Importing Assessments and Grades

Teachers that use software like Scantron that captures student grades can import the information into their Gradebook.

The minimum requirements to import assessments and grades are:

  • The software must produce a csv file
  • If the software only produces a list of student names, they must exactly match the names in the gradebook

To import one or more assessments, do the following:

  • Navigate to your Gradebook
  • Click on the Gear icon, and choose Import

Dates are required to import more than one assessment.

  • Click Browse and locate the .csv file or drag and drop the file to the Import form. The information exported by your software is mapped to the fields required by Edsby
  • Select a Unit
  • Click Import

Private Observations

Teachers can now add Private Observations on a student by hovering over the student’s name or photo anywhere in the class and clicking Private Observations. No longer do teachers have to be in a student Perspective view.

private observations

Improved roster printing

Teachers can now fit more students on a single page when printing a class roster.

Mobile client improvement groundwork

The Edsby server now has new functionality that will enable significant updates of the Edsby clients for iOS and Android, scheduled soon.