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Configuring app integrations in Edsby using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard

LTI app configuration in Edsby is available at a district or school level for use by all teachers and students within a district or school. Or, at an individual teacher level for use by the teacher and students within the teacher’s classes. For setup at a district or school level, navigate to the Manage area of that district or school and create an LTI Tool Provider. This will open the LTI app configuration form. For setup at an individual teacher’s level, the teacher can navigate to their personal folder and create a new LTI Tool which will open the LTI app configuration form.

For a Manual (default) configuration, the required details of the form are the name, consumer key, shared secret and launch URL for the app. If the app can be configured via XML or an LTI 2 Registration URL, those options can be selected as well. In addition to the above details, LTI app configuration within Edsby allows you to specify the privacy type for that LTI app. The privacy type will send certain user data to the LTI app provider depending on the option selected. For the best user experience with the LTI app, we recommend Public. You can also specify custom parameters for the LTI app if that app has additional functionality. Lastly, if the LTI app is assessment oriented and you wish to have that data written to the Edsby gradebook you have the option to allow the LTI app to do so. If you do not specify this option, the LTI app cannot be used for assessment purposes (if the app has those capabilities), and is used instead as a link from within Edsby to that LTI app.

After the app is saved it is ready for use. Depending on the LTI app type, the app will appear for use in different places within the Edsby classes. If you allowed the app to write to the Edsby gradebook, then the app will appear for use when creating an Assessment. Otherwise, it will appear for use as an Edsby app when creating a Note in a Class Feed.

Privacy Settings

Anonymous: We send only an obscured numeric identifier.
Name only: As above, plust the first and last name and the picture thumbnail.
Public: As above, plus the email address.

Optional: We also support the following optional parameters, all related to assessment scheduling and scoring


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