Content Panel – Students

The Content Panel lists all units, journals, assessments, and other information in the Class.

When students enter a class, the class Content is found by clicking Content in the header on the mobile app.

The Content Panel is located on the left side of a class on the browser.

  1. Underneath Content, each student has a progress bar that tracks their progression through the content.
  2. Any items of content a student has marked complete will be indicated by a green check mark. Click the name of an item to view its content.
  3. Use the Next and Previous arrows to navigate through the Content.
  4. When you have completed an item, click Mark Complete. This will display a green check mark next to the item and update your progress bar.

When accessing Edsby from the browser, you can also set the state of your learning on a particular item of content by clicking the emoji at the top left. Let your teacher know if you understand the content, find it confusing, or already know it!

You can also submit assignments, contribute to Discussions, and participate in Polls from the Content Panel.


Students will see any assessments in the class that have been setup by the teacher in the Content Panel.

You will see the description of the assessment and any instructions your teacher has provided.

If your teacher has enabled online submissions and the assessment is open for students to submit, you will have a Submit button under the assessment name.

You can upload the files associated with the assessment right from the Content Panel.

Any submissions you make will be visible to you underneath the instructions associated with the assessment.


Students can participate in Polls set up by the teacher in the Content Panel. You will see the Poll question and will be provided with options to answer.

If your teacher enables it, you can view the results of the poll and which student in the class chose each option.