Updates to Services and Website Privacy Policies

Edsby describes further what we don’t do with user data

Edsby has updated its Services and Website Privacy Policies. The new versions became effective February 3rd, 2023.

We’ve not made any changes in what we do with customer data. We still doesn’t monetize or do anything irresponsible with personal information. But these revised policies give more detail to minimize ambiguities. Big changes include:

  • Who uses Edsby and what they do: Our policies now clarify that education organizations create Edsby accounts for their users. Users can never create their own Edsby account. And they describe how under no circumstances can students or parents ever designate anything they do in Edsby as publicly-viewable, or message anyone outside of Edsby. Therefore there are no privacy permissions for student and parent users to manage or configure incorrectly. Nor is any personal user profile information ever publicized.
  • No biometric or geolocation data: Edsby has never and never will collect biometric or geolocation data on users. These new policies make this clear.
  • No cross referencing or augmenting data for resale: Edsby only manages and collects information as directed by your education organization and never augments or cross references it with other data sources. Data in Edsby only exists to fulfill the services we have contracted to provide for your education organization and is not used for other commercial purpose.
  • We don’t market to you: We do not subject users to any advertising, contextual, personal or otherwise. There is no marketing to opt-out of, as we do not send marketing messages to end users via our Edsby services. Edsby does not make offers to end users like sweepstakes or contests. And we do not sell, rent or otherwise share any personal information with any third party that does. We never have and never will.
  • We don’t let third party code access your info: A report from Internet Safety Labs that condemns 96% of edtech apps for irresponsible data practices mostly blames certain third party code libraries used in these products for questionable handling of student data. Edsby takes measures to ensure any third party libraries used in our products are never given personally identifying information or other sensitive data. Our latest policies explain how.
  • Our public website, intended for prospects: End users cannot log into Edsby services from our public website at www.edsby.com – which exists primarily for prospective education organization customers to learn about Edsby. Data collection via forms on Edsby’s public website is to identify new possible education organization customers. Edsby users never have to fill in forms on Edsby’s public website. No data collected on our website is shared with Google any longer, even for analytics, let alone remarketing.

You can always find Edsby’s latest Services Privacy Policy in its entirety here, and our Public Website Privacy Policy here. You’re also invited to read our About Edsby & User Data document.

Your continued use of Edsby is your acceptance of our revised policies.

If you have any questions about these changes, you can reach us at privacy@edsby.com.