EdsbyLive for Zoom

About EdsbyLive

An organization can choose to enable the Go Live feature within Edsby. Once enabled, a teacher can create a secure Zoom meeting on the fly by clicking the Go Live Now button within a Class. Students in the class will be able to join via a button in Edsby (no URL exposed).

Teacher experience

To launch a new Zoom meeting, navigate to the class and click Go Live Now.

If the teacher is logged into their Zoom account, the teacher can join the Zoom meeting immediately. If a teacher is not logged into their account, they can so from the Zoom login page. 

Once the teacher joins the Zoom meeting, the teachers use the Zoom interface to manage the meetings.

New meetings are created so that only the teacher can present, and the Waiting Room feature is enabled which requires the teacher to admit each participant. As with any Zoom meeting, the Security option can be used by the teachers to change the meeting options. 

Ending the meeting

To end the meeting, the teacher chooses End from within the Zoom environment. Students are returned to the waiting room when the teacher ends the meeting. Zoom offers a choice of leaving a meeting or ending a meeting for all. If the teacher chooses to Leave Meeting, the students will not be returned to the waiting room. The teacher can reenter the meeting through the Zoom environment or by click the Go Live button within the Edsby class.

Once the teacher clicks the Go Live Now button, students enrolled in the class are sent a notification. Students can join the meeting from the notification or from the Go Live button within the class. 

For students, the “Go Live” button within the notification and class will become inactive and disappear after an hour. 

Sample text to share with students.

We are going to start joining our class Zoom meetings from within Edsby. Once I open the Zoom meeting, you will be able to join by clicking the Go Live button from the Notification or from within our Class.