Web site publishing now available in Edsby

Schools and districts can now manage their official websites from inside Edsby with a new third party product called Websby.

School districts using Edsby for student-parent-teacher engagement find most of their communication happens there. But when it comes to managing their public websites—the information they publish outside of Edsby for the external world—that’s meant paying for, learning and managing a separate system.

Now, a fully featured managed web publishing system is available within Edsby. Using the optional system Websby, district and school level administrators can manage the content of their websites from inside the same Edsby interface they use for everything else.

Built on 14 years of experience, Websby was developed specifically for the needs of educational websites, and draws heavily from the school news, calendar, roles-based permission and other systems already managed inside of Edsby, so administrators don’t have to type information twice. Nor do they have to be experts in formatting.

With Websby, you pre-set your site’s colors and fonts so that styles are maintained everywhere and the folks who update content don’t need to worry about the formatting of their content, they just need to think about the content itself.  This eliminates the barriers faced by many publishers and means more and better information will get to the website – and more quickly.

Websby provides many different combinations of key design objects such as banners, menus, message areas, etc., so almost any layout and design is possible. Websby sites are responsive, so they work great on any screen size from large computer monitors to latest smart phones.

Using Websby, district web sites can have a defined look and feel, and all schools within a district can also automatically inherit a uniform look and feel if desired by the district.

Learn more about Websby here.