Using Edsby groups for professional development

Edsby gives school districts powerful tools for district-wide collaborative inquiry & professional learning

Professional development and collaboration in education is critical. But it’s harder and more expensive than ever to get teachers together at the same time and place.

Use the group collaboration capabilities of Edsby to build collaborative inquiry online and foster professional learning anytime, anywhere—even among teachers across a whole district.

Effective teacher collaboration is an ongoing process of collective inquiry, sharing and research. Collaborative teams relentlessly question the status quo, seek new methods of teaching and learning, test the methods, and then reflect on the student learning results. Edsby gives like-minded teams of teachers across a district the tools they need to collaborate electronically.

Communities of focus

Quickly create groups for teachers of a specific subject or grade level, or for staff of a specific role. Secure, with flexible permission control.

Automatic setup

Automatically enroll teachers based on what they’re teaching, their schools or other criteria. Teachers are added and removed by SIS sync without manual management.

Advanced user features

Edsby groups have unread tracking and notifications, threaded conversations, URL previews, document libraries and more.

Full documentation

Edsby captures collaboration, illustrating how and why learnings were generated so colleagues can understand what was done.

Curriculum collaboration

Teachers can copy, share and collaborate on course plans and other teaching resources to deploy in their own Edsby classes.

Insight into student results

Student achievement data, shared observations and roll-ups help groups of teachers identify and intervene in real time if necessary.

Great on mobile & desktop

Edsby works on desktop browsers or popular handhelds or tablets for anytime, anywhere professional learning.

Works region wide

Teachers can work with far-flung colleagues to build organizational improvement across the region.



Do I have to buy the full Edsby system to use Edsby groups for professional development?

A specially priced version of Edsby is available for school districts or private schools seeking to use Edsby specifically for professional development and/or collaborative inquiry. Contact us for details.

Do I have to give anything up in order to use Edsby for PLCs/PLNs?

No. Keep using whatever LMS, parent portal, SIS, authentication system or other systems you currently use. Edsby works great with all of them. Plus Edsby’s single sign-on (via LDAP, OAUTH, O365, Google Apps for Education) means your teachers won’t have to learn yet another username and password.

If my school or district already runs Edsby, do I have to buy anything more?

No. Simply set up groups in Edsby for professional development and invite your choice of staff to these groups, choosing them through the staff zoom picker and then inviting them to your groups.

Don’t use Edsby yet at your school or district?

See a demonstration of Edsby in action for professional development & more

Already use Edsby at your school or district? Ask Edsby support for help setting up groups for local or regional PD