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Group collaboration

Edsby groups are safe, managed online collaboration areas. Use groups for school clubs or teams. And/or for district-wide professional development. Tight sync with other systems can get your entire community involved without technical headaches.

Flexible management

Edsby groups are a powerful way for people to collaborate with each other in a convenient, secure and effective way. Groups can be closed or open to the entire school, or even wide open across a school district. Groups can be shown to everyone, or only made visible to people with specified roles (to only teachers, for example).

Ideal for teams & clubs

Events in a group, like practices and rehearsals, appear on member’s calendars.


Districts can use Edsby groups for professional development and electronic professional learning communities.

Automated membership

Automatically assign students, teachers or parents to groups. For example, a group for all grade 6 students. Or for all science teachers in the district. Edsby will assign or remove people to and from groups based on your criteria. Zero management once set up.

Knowledge bases

Collate the results of conversations and save related files in wiki-like knowledge bases. Save files in a group library.

Adult supervision

Every group in Edsby has a staff moderator. Groups can’t exist in Edsby without adult involvement.

Edsby merges all tools a teacher could need into one easy to use, succinct platform.
Roy Wahab, Professional Educator / King's Christian Collegiate
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