About Edsby & your data

How is data saved and used by the Edsby platform for K-12? Who owns it? What can they do with it?

If you use cloud-based applications, you likely have questions about the safety and security of your personal data these days. We don’t blame you. We’re reading the same unfortunate stories as you are of what other companies have done with user data.

That’s why we’ve outlined in a new summary document, in as clear and plain language as we can, answers to questions like:

  • Who owns the data in Edsby?
  • Where, physically, does it reside?
  • Who has access to that data? What can they do with it?
  • What measures are in place to protect this data?
  • How long is it retained?
  • Does Edsby make any money from advertising, mining or otherwise sharing this data?

Read the answers to all the above and more here.