Edsby releases app to capture evidence of student learning

Edsby Capture app

‘Edsby Capture’ gives teachers new, image-based ways to gather, organize, assess and share evidence of student progress

ONTARIO, Canada (April 16, 2019) – Edsby®, the most comprehensive learning and analytics platform available for K-12 education, now offers a mobile device application to help educators document student progress and achievement. The Edsby Capture app, available via the App Store and Google Play, gives educators a simple way to record, tag, share and report on evidence of learning.

Edsby Capture gives students and teachers the ability to easily capture photographs and video of their work, and create evidence items within the Edsby platform. After a record is uploaded, it’s automatically added to the Edsby evidence stream and associated with relevant students.

Teachers and students using the app will find Edsby Capture convenient, as students are identified with a unique QR code that can be scanned to associate evidence with their Learning Story stream. Evidence can be tagged with relevant expectations, standards or outcomes, or ad hoc local or regional distinctions (e.g. global competencies of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada). It can also be shared with parents at the teacher’s discretion.

“Once learning evidence is associated with a region’s curriculum standards, expectations or outcomes, Edsby enables teachers to chart student progress against the curriculum over extended periods,” said John Myers, Edsby co-founder and president. “This is in contrast to many free education apps available today that are simply shared photo albums between a teacher and the student and/or parent.”

“Edsby Capture allows me to record learning without disrupting the flow of student work,” said Mr. Christopher Robertson, teacher at Near North District School Board, a district with 10,000 students, their parents and staff on Edsby. “I can capture a wealth of pedagogical documentation in the moment without having to frame an unauthentic shot after the learning has occurred.”

To learn more about Edsby Capture, visit https://www.edsby.com/help/edsby-capture/.

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