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Assessment & reporting

Edsby enables educators to capture academic results and other evidence of learning easily and effectively, and report against regional requirements. Sharing, reflecting on and documenting growth with students and their parents becomes the norm instead of a burden.

A feature-rich gradebook

Edsby’s advanced gradebook gives teachers a modern way to accept submissions electronically (from within Edsby, from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive) record assessments, report grades to the office and share results with students and parents.

Teachers can make summative and formative assessments, enter subjective comments, set powerful weighting, design and reuse rubrics and even exercise professional judgment to impact grades. As grades are entered, averages and distributions are calculated. Failing and missed grades are highlighted, and abnormalities indicated. Graphical analyses illustrate student work across timelines and help identify outliers. Subjective performance indicators can substitute for grades.

Observations and evidence

Teachers can make observations and capture evidence of learning in notes, pictures and videos to help in their triangulation of a student’s progress. Observations and evidence can be shared with other teachers and parents and organized for reference at report card time. Invaluable for evaluation of early year students.

Grade the way your district grades today and tomorrow

Use and align to your district’s preferred grading and reporting schemes, even advanced ones like multi-level stranding. Print report cards and progress reports from Edsby. Incorporate any assessment and reporting scheme and be future-ready for where assessment is heading.

Online testing

Create and re-use online tests with a variety of question types, many with automatic grading. Grades appear in the gradebook.

Online assignment submission & grading

Students can submit documents electronically.

Personalized assessments

Assessments can be modified for individual students. Modifications can be shared with students and parents via comments in the gradebook.

Evaluate against standards

Tie assessments, observations, evidence of learning artifacts and more to state, provincial or federal expectations, outcomes or standards. Track standards coverage by class or individual student.

e-Portfolios & reflections

Students can showcase their best work in sortable, filterable personal electronic portfolios and reflect on their assignments, ask questions, track their growth and document their learning.


Confer badges for student achievement. Or use badges for teacher professional development.

Edsby is a great investment and robust tool. It's given us a significant increase in parental engagement and happier teachers and academic staff re: attendance, gradebook and report cards.
Don Rose, Principal / Great Lakes Christian High School
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