A district’s Edsby journey in its own words

NPSCDSB is finding more and more uses for its Edsby system.

Nippissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board (NPSCDSB), a school district in Ontario, Canada, first adopted Edsby in the 2016 school year.

And the district has come a long way in a year! In a blog post, Peter Anello, Technology Enabled Learning Facilitator and NPSCDSB Edsby prime, recounts the district initially sought Edsby as an online gradebook.

It took many, many, many years to adopt our previous gradebook at the high school in a manageable, effective manner. It took a couple of months with Edsby. But Edsby is becoming more than just the gradebook solution. In a hurry.

Calling Edsby “an online platform that is made exactly for what K-12 needs,” Anello recounts how his educators are discovering and falling in love with more things Edsby does.

Kind of a funny story; I was sitting with an elementary school during a PA day last month with the plan of showing them an overview of Edsby later in the day. That plan quickly changed.

During the first fifteen minutes as I arrived, the staff were all sharing important dates verbally and – yes – they were each writing them down in their own notebooks!

The first thing I showed them that day was the staff room group, highlighting the shared calendar built into it.

You have no idea how many times they have thanked me for showing them that! ????

After a successful test-run of reporting using Edsby in the spring of 2017, kindergarten teachers are now planning on using Edsby for progress reports. Edsby is to be used for report cards in grades 1-8 at selected schools as the district continues to use more and more of the system.

NPSCDSB’s Anello is optimistic about Edsby.

Edsby has huge potential. As with any system-wide change to any process or organizational structure, there is a fear of leaving what’s comfortable and working. We’re bound to run into a hiccup or two as well along the way.

With goals in place and a vision for what can be possible – a ‘most-in-one‘ shop for many administrative processes, overcoming these fears and hiccups are inevitable for – what appears to be – the adoption of an amazing K-12 platform.

Read Anello’s full blog post here.