Rubrics are a scoring scale that provide a set of criteria for achievement and the descriptions of levels of achievement, used to assess and evaluate students’ work and to guide students to desired performance levels.

When a rubric grading scheme is defined at an organizational level, the assessment form’s Grading Scheme drop down menu includes Rubric as a choice.

Personal folder and Rubrics

Rubrics can be created in advance in the Personal Folder. Once created they can be associated with any assessment in any class. Rubrics, and other content created in the Personal folder, will be retained for all time.

To create a rubric:

  • On the navigation bar, click Personal Folder.
  • Click New, select Rubric from the drop down menu.

  • Enter the name of the Rubric and select the scheme. The list of schemes vary by organization.

  • Enter the Row Name, and choose a strand if applicable. Then, enter the descriptions for the levels of achievement. Click Add Category button to add a new row or Click X to remove a row.

Click Save. Click Home to return to the home screen.

Sharing Rubrics with Other Teachers

Teachers can share Rubrics they have created in their Personal Folder with other teachers by copying and pasting into Libraries, Content Builders, and Learning Object Repositories.

Click here for more information on how to do this.

Creating Assessments with Rubrics

  1. Navigate to a class and create a new assessment and enter the name and due date.
  2. In Scheme drop down menu, choose Rubric.
  3. Click the Choose Existing button.
  4. Choose a rubric from the list. The rubric is added to the assessment.

Note: Changing the contents of a rubric in the Personal Folder does not affect existing assessments.

  1. For a summative assessment, enter the weight or weights.

Changing the rubric

If an assessment does not have any grades or comments entered or student submissions, the rubric can be changed by clicking on the Choose Existing button and then selecting another rubric from the list.

Note: Once a student uploads a submission or a grade or comment is entered, the assessment is locked and the rubric can no longer be changed.

Grading an assessment with a rubric

To grade an assessment with a rubric:

  • Navigate to the gradebook and click a cell.
  • The rubric appears. In each row, click the level to assign the grade.

  • To grade another student, click the on the student’s name.

  • To return to the regular gradebook view, click on the return arrow.

Student view of an assessment with a rubric

In every class, students have a My Work link. The Assessment page lists all visible assessments.

To view the rubric, students navigate to the Assessment page and click on the View Rubric button to view the rubric’s categories and levels of achievement.

When the assessment grade and optional comment have been shared with the student, the student sees the grade.

Students can also view the rubric of an assessment by clicking the name of an assessment, then clicking the name of the rubric in the lightbox.