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Forms & Workflows

Automated processes in Edsby simplify interactions between students, teachers and parents and save paper and administrative costs. And at report card time, grade submission to the office is faster and easier than ever with Edsby.

Online registrations

Design and deploy forms for registrations, such as parent applications to kindergarten. Know who’s applied for what. Process transactions. Ensure information is routed to the right departments automatically.

Electronic signups

Send students or parents formal approval or agreement requests. Receive electronic field trip approvals, opt-ins to honor codes or more.

Parent-teacher scheduling

Integrated parent-teacher interview scheduling for administrators, teachers and parents replaces paper or complex third party systems.

Report card workflow

Teachers can use Edsby to finalize report card information and submit it to the office painlessly. Districts’ official assessment and reporting schemes and existing report card templates can be used. Report card comments can be freeform or from official comment sets.

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Knowing that parents can view their child's progress in real time reduces the time and costs of front office staff looking up students' data and keeping paper copies of records for years beyond.
David Fitzpatrick, IT Administrator / Associated Hebrew Schools
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