Attendance Video Playlist

Attendance Overview

Edsby’s Attendance helps teachers, parents, and the school office to manage daily and period attendance. This overview video highlights the key features for all stakeholders.

Resolving Attendance Incidents

This video includes information on how to resolve incidents for individual students and multiple students.

Planned Absences

This video covers how to create a planned absences for students, groups, and classes.

Late Slips for Administrators

Edsby features a late slip system that makes it easy for administrators to keep track of student absences. Traditionally, a student goes to the attendance office and receives a late slip. Students may take advantage of this system by not showing up to class at all as they will be marked late instead of absent. Edsby closes this loophole by requesting that teachers confirm late slips. A student shows up to the attendance office, receives a late slip, and the teacher confirms that the student did indeed come to class.

The late slip system within Edsby helps teachers and administrators to stay organized. It is also a solution to the problem of students taking advantage of the traditional late slip system.

Printing and submitting attendance sheets on behalf of teacher

When a teacher cannot use Edsby to submit their attendance sheets, such as in the case of a substitute teacher, the attendance office can submit sheets on behalf of the teacher. This video covers printing attendance sheets and submitting attendance information on the teacher’s sheet.

Creating a Planned Absence for a Group

Edsby enables teachers to create a Planned Absence for an Edsby Group. Watch this video to learn how.