The Panorama gives teachers and administrators the information they need to plan for student success. The Panorama is a secure area, available only to teachers and administrators. As faculty members, teachers and administrators can see everything Edsby knows about the student.

To access a student’s Panorama enter the student’s name in Search.

The Panorama can also be accessed by hovering over a student’s photo in a class or group and clicking View Panorama in the mini profile.

Professional Dialog

In The Panorama, Faculty can make observations about a student’s learning progress or share private files relevant for the student. Teachers can reply to another teacher’s observation by hovering over the item and clicking reply. Observations are only visible to teachers and administrators.

The student’s other teachers will see the new observation in their home screen’s recent activity.

From Recent Activity, teachers can click on the student name and go directly to the Panorama. 

About the student

Teachers can observe the student’s progress through the calculated averages shown beside each of the classes. While each teacher chooses whether to show the student’s average in their class to the student, calculated averages are always visible to teachers and administrators on the Panorama.

The attendance record is also available. Click on the late or absent link beneath a class to see more information.

To understand a student’s current workload review the student’s class schedule, assessments, and events.

Planned Absence and Late Slips

If required, teachers can enter a planned absence. The planned absence will be seen by other teachers on the attendance sheets and the office.

Click Planned Absence.


Fill in date, time, reason, and comment.

Resetting a student password

Teachers can easily remedy the forgotten password excuse by resetting the password here.


About the Parent

The Parent panel list the parents or guardians.

Hovering over the parent photo to access the mini profile. The mini profile can be accessed from anywhere in Edsby where the name or photo of the parent exists.


Clicking on a parent name opens the parent Details. The Details page is only available to teachers and administrators. The Details page includes more demographic information and also provides a place for parent observations and file storage. Teachers and administrators can reset parent passwords.


The Details page can also be accessed by entering the name into Search. Hovering over the parent name the mini profile will show a list of which children are associated with this parent.


Communicating with the student and parent

Teachers can communicate privately with the student and parents. Click the Message button to create a pre-addressed private message to just the student, just the parents, or to both student and parents. Recipients only see his or her own name in the To field.


Remove any name from the To list by clicking the X beside the name.


Viewing and Printing Progress Reports

Teachers can view a detailed progress report which displays a student’s averages, attendance history, and grades for individual assessments by clicking on the button in the classes panel.

From the Progress Report page teachers can select and deselect which information they wish to include and then print a hard copy using the template menu at the top.