Edsby & Veracross

A modern learning experience for independent schools.


The power of one.

The award-winning K-12 learning platform Edsby has partnered with Veracross, a leading student information system popular with independent schools around the world. Together, they combine to form a modern, full-featured learning experience for independent school administrators, educators, parents and students.

Excellent platform. Easy to navigate and one stop shop for everything.
Nunzio Corrente, Teacher / St. Michael's College School

Why Edsby?


Educators love Edsby over simple LMSes.

Advanced assessment

Edsby supports standards-based and other emerging forms of assessment, giving teachers tools for today and tomorrow.

Features for young learners

Teachers can collect visual evidence of learning, tag it to standards or expectations and easily share it with parents.

Groups for clubs & teams

Learning doesn’t just happen in classrooms. Edsby enables student, staff and parent collaboration in clubs & teams.


With Veracross, Edsby gives parents great insights and inputs into their children’s education.

Complete view of child’s academic status

Parents get up-to-the-minute insight into grades, homework and more at any time.

School & class announcements

A news system optimized just for K-12 helps parents stay in the loop better than any other system.

Parent-teacher communication

Parents can message teachers, grant approvals, schedule parent-teacher interviews and more.


Edsby energizes student learning and supports student success.

Course content, important files

Critical resources for classes, clubs, teams and all school-related activity are available 24/7.

Build student voice safely

Students learn digital citizenship in a managed space protected from the public internet.

Portfolios of best work

Students can assemble their best work in online portfolios, which they can export at graduation.

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Find out today how quickly Edsby and Veracross could be making an impact at your school.

As a teacher, I don’t need multiple programs for assessments, messages, and grades. It’s all in Edsby.
Mike Schenk, Teacher / King's Christian College