Edsby platform features


Social Classrooms

Edsby creates social media-like spaces for every class in every school in a district. Then it adds the right students and teachers automatically. A safe, structured place for a class to interact & share. Ideal for flipped classrooms and blended learning.


Powerful ways for students, teachers and parents to collaborate. Convenient, secure & effective. Can be closed or open to an entire school, district or region. Open them to everyone or only make visible to specified roles (e.g. only teachers.) Ideal for teams, clubs, PD & more.

Knowledge Bases

Collate the results of conversations and save related files, links and collaborative text documents in wiki-like knowledge bases.

File Libraries

Files can be captured in class or group Libraries for students or even parents to access. Any recent document shared in a class or group can be preserved in its Library.


News unique to a school can be shared at the school level in a “river of news” for students & parents, in front of or behind the Edsby login. District, state/province or national-level streams can also be added.

Confidential Messages

Teachers can email students, parents or anyone else in the district. No email addresses or address book needed. Addresses sync from official systems.


The Edsby Launchpad can be configured by schools, districts and regions to link students, educators or parents to other approved resources.

Timetable & Calendar

Class, group and school calendars all roll up into each users’ personal calendars. Integrated with school’s databases & attendance, so parents also see if their kids have been marked present or late.

Teacher Collaboration

Special Edsby professional development groups allow teachers to collaborate on curriculum and work together, even across a district or region.

Google & M365

Tight integration with Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft 365. Students can log in with Google or Microsoft, upload documents and more.

The Edsby gradebook is a game changer. The fact that it self-populates at report card time is amazing.
Marc Smith, Teacher / Durham Catholic District School Board - 22,000 students & their parents on Edsby

Classroom Management

Seating Plans & Rosters

Each Edsby class shows where students are seated in the room. Ideal for beginning of term or substitute teachers. Teachers can print lists of their students in several handy formats.

Content Builder

Author courses in units, tag to standards and organize with lesson plans, journals, homework, online tests and more. Copy & paste from web content and Open Education Resources. Rearrange and re-use content. Import from IMS Common Cartridge, ePub, SCORM, or access via LTI.

Import Curriculum

Import from SCORM, Common Cartridge, ePub and Moodle format. Link to other content and applications through LTI.

Emotional Check-Ins

Enables students to share how they’re feeling with their teacher(s) and presents research-based strategies so educators can help them be as ready as possible to succeed.


Teachers can ask students to weigh in on subjects. Results can be shared with students or not.


Comprehensive real-time online attendance. Integrates with official systems of record. Provides sophisticated late slip handling, management of planned absences with parents and works on mobile, too.

Upload Safety

All uploaded files are virus checked. Media files are transcoded so they can be opened by any device.


Class Perspective shows graphical representations of student achievement in classes. Teachers can easily spot outlying students or gaps in instruction.

Realtime video, whiteboarding

Tight integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom allow classes to meet face-to-face online without outside security risks or impersonations or other system abuse by students.

Learning Object Repositories

Learning Object Repositories (LORs) enable curation of content so it can be easily searched and reused at district and/or school levels.


Settings can be defined in course models so that, for example, all Grade 5 math gradebooks show strand averages so teachers don’t have to set them up. Curriculum and official resources like textbooks can also be defined.

I've been traveling from school to school training staff and students on Edsby. I like sharing how many cool new things Edsby offers us, especially in communicating with our parents and the groups feature to share information.
Shannon Westover, TELTc / Rainy River District School Board

Assessment & Reporting

Feature-Rich Gradebook

An advanced gradebook enables electronic submissions and easy sharing of results with students and parents. Supports summative & formative assessments, advanced schemes like rubrics & more.

Online Testing

Create and re-use online tests with a variety of question types, many with automatic grading. Grades appear in the gradebook. Manage questions in question banks.

Standards Based Grading

Tie assessments, observations, evidence of learning artifacts and more to state, provincial or federal expectations, outcomes or standards. Track standards coverage by class or individual student.

Document Markup

Grade and mark up popular electronic document types with rectangle, pen, text and highlighter tools. Teachers choose when to share annotations with students and parents.

Learning Evidence

Educators can record student learning with photos, videos or other documents to capture progress or demonstrate mastery. Can be mapped to standards, shared with parents and analyzed at reporting time.


Assessments can reflect a teacher’s professional judgement about how much a test or essay etc. should be worth towards a final grade.

Grade Override

Teachers can exercise their professional judgment and override calculated grades in gradebooks and report cards.

Report Cards

Teachers can use Edsby to finalize report cards and submit them to the office. Official reporting schemes and report card layouts can be used. Comments can be freeform or from official comment sets.


Electronic portfolios of students’ best work are maintained by the student and can be viewed by parents. In earliest grades, teachers can place items into students’ portfolios on their behalf, adding first records of their learning journey.


Teacher observations on a student are recorded and visible to school or district staff having permission to see them, including the student’s other current teachers.

Subjective Performance Indicators

Color-coded symbols give teachers an easy way to informally communicate to students and parents how well a student is doing at something.


Confer badges for student achievement. Or use badges for teacher certifications or professional development.

Charts & Graphs

Data visualization courtesy of Microsoft Power BI embedded.

Dynamic Insights

Real time insight using live, up-to-date data.

Access Management

Comprehensive permissions system synchronized with district or region databases ensures teachers only see information on students they currently teach.

Integrated Actions

Message stakeholders or meet online in Edsby, assign at-risk students into groups and more.

I love how easy it is to communicate with students and parents in Edsby and that it’s organized by the classes I teach. I also love how I can print class lists in various formats.
Alyssa Pursel, Teacher / Greater Essex County District School Board, 35,000 students and 4,500 staff on Edsby


Zoom Views

Powerful views at the teacher and school level give educators ways to quickly filter and search data, including risk indicators to find students needing assistance.

Monitor Groups

Manage students needing special attention so educators can collaborate on strategies for success.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports can be shared with students and parents and can also be accessed by guidance counsellors when setting up meetings with students and their parents.


On one screen, educators can access everything relating to a child’s education, incl. current grades, parent info, attendance, discipline, progress reports, learning evidence, IEPs, report cards, portfolio, alerts, schedule, teacher observations & more.

Edsby is an educator's dream tool for the classroom.
Pauline VanderVelde, Teacher / Hamilton District Christian High

Parent Engagement

Parent Support by Design

Great parent support was built into Edsby from day one. Parents aren’t an afterthought.

Flexible Account Setup

Parents can be imported from existing systems and lists. Or Edsby can be used to safely register and connect parent accounts to those of their children.

No Email Addresses

Parents and teachers don’t need to know each other’s email addresses to message each other. Teachers don’t need to manage parent email address books.

Parent Teacher Conference Booking

Schools and districts can use Edsby to manage parent teacher conference scheduling.

Full or Partial Visibility

Parents can see as much as, or as little as, a teacher chooses to show them about what’s happening in their class.

Voice and Video Comments

Parents can make encouraging voice and video comments on their children’s work, incl. Portfolio entries.

Planned Absences

Parents can use Edsby to schedule planned absences of their children from school.

Permission Forms

Teachers can send field trip permission and other requests to parents. Teachers receive a running list of parents who’ve responded. Permission slips are never lost.

…powered by Unison technology

Two-Way Integration With Legacy Systems

Remarkable two-way sync with existing systems for student, teacher, class, daily schedule and other info. Connects with SISes/SMSes, HR databases, Excel files, CSVs and other structured data not normally available.

Single Sign-On

Use existing LDAP and/or Active Directory for user authentication. and perform Single Sign On (SSO) with Kerberos, oAuth, Google Workspace for Education or O365+Azure.

Data Consolidation

Data from many sources can be consolidated and normalized. Proprietary and open protocols can then share data selectively with other systems consistent with customers’ policies.

Safety & Access Control

Designed for the unique needs of K-12, where safety of students & their data is paramount. Manages access of students, parents, teachers and school and district staff to ensure the right people get access to the right info.


A learning record store (LRS) tracks student activity within the system. Also tracks history of changes made to content. Enables powerful analytics.

Data Sovereignty

A leading global Microsoft partner, Edsby is hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters around the world. Customers’ sensitive student data stays in their region.

App Framework

Need something Edsby doesn’t do today? Custom apps can be built leveraging Edsby’s infrastructure. E.g. custom registrations, credit recovery, substitute teacher mgmt or more.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available for tight interoperability with other systems.

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