About Classes – Mobile

Classes are the heart of how Edsby helps students. Every class includes an effective way for students to engage with teachers and classmates, view class information, and submit assignments.

The Classes Panel

On students’ Edsby app Home Screen is the Classes Panel. This panel provides a brief overview of a students’ current classes, including:

  1. Unread Counter indicating the number of new posts in the Class
  2. Name of Class
  3. Course Code
  4. Teacher’s name

A Report Cards button showing current and past report cards will appear at the bottom of Class lists in the mobile app if the school or district is electing to share report cards via Edsby.

Enter a Class by clicking its name.

Students seeking to review future classes that are not yet in session can click the Classes header and select > Upcoming. You will see your upcoming classes if your school or district has published them to their Edsby system.

Inside a Class

The Class Feed is first visible, providing information about posts from both the teacher and students, if teachers have enabled students to post.

  1. If your teacher has enabled students to post in the class feed, this can be done by clicking the New Note icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Reply, Like, or report posts as inappropriate by clicking the plus next to the post in the feed.

If your teacher has not enabled students to post, ask them! Opening up the class for students to post fosters greater engagement in Edsby and the class. It also facilitates learning opportunities and encourages healthy communication between students.

You will be notified each time a new post is made in the class feed.

Viewing Grades and Assignments through My Work

Every class has a grades and assignment report called My Work.

  1. Students can access it by clicking My Work in the header. The My Work feed lists all assignments in a class as well as the results of any the teacher has chosen to share.
  2. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming or graded assessments, click the speech bubble icon.
  3. You can access any comments, responses, or changes to grades your teacher has made by clicking the assignment and viewing the details.

Submitting Assignments Online

Edsby enables teachers the ability to create assignments that can be handed in online. There are multiple places an assignment can be submitted in Edsby, but for the teacher to receive the assignment, it only needs to be submitted one time in one place within Edsby.

To submit an assignment online through Edsby, view it in My Work, your Personal Calendar, your Recent Activity feed, or the feed of the class where the assignment is due. A Submit button will appear next to the assignment.

In the form that opens, use the icons to attach a file, photo, video, or link. Add a comment with your submission.

Class Calendar

The Class Calendar, found by clicking Calendar in the header, lists all events and assignment dates relevant to the specific class.

The events of each Class Calendar are merged on your Personal Calendar found by clicking the calendar icon in the bottom Navigation Bar.

Class Content

Under Content in the header is the Content Panel.

  1. Underneath Content, each student has a progress bar that tracks their progression through the content.
  2. Any items of content a student has marked complete will be indicated by a green check mark. Click the name of an item to view its content.
  3. Use the Next and Previous arrows to navigate through the Content.
  4. When you have completed an item, click Mark Complete. This will display a green check mark next to the item and update your progress bar.

You can submit assignments, contribute to Discussions, and participate in Polls from the Content Panel.

Pinned Items

Access any important items your teacher has pinned by clicking Pinned in the header.

Class Journal

In your Classes, your teachers may use the Journal to communicate learning objectives and student expectations. View the most recent Journal entry your teacher has made by clicking Journal in the header.

Click View All to view all Journal entries for the specific class.

Use Journals to remind you of what you are learning in each class as well as keep you up-to-date on homework and learning goals.


Any media that has been uploaded by your teacher or students in the class can be found in the Class Library by clicking Library in the header.


View your teachers and classmates by clicking People.