Mobile Online Testing – Students

Edsby features a simple and easy way to take tests online. Whether it’s a traditional quiz, an exit ticket, or a student reflection, online tests with Edsby are convenient for both students and teachers. With the Edsby mobile app, students can also take online tests straight from their mobile device.

Taking an Online Test

When teachers create an online assessment, students are notified of the upcoming test in the Classes Panel of their Home Screen and in their Notifications if the student has enabled them.

Students can view the assessment from Recent Activity, Class feed, Class Calendar, Class Content, My Work, and from the student’s Personal Calendar by clicking Calendar in the Navigation Bar.

Students can begin an Online Test anywhere they see the assessment name. Students will see the start time, end time, and duration of the test everywhere the assessment is visible. If it is out of the test’s scheduled time, the Take Test button is not available to students.

When an online assessment is available, students will see a Take Test button. After clicking the Take Test button, students can view the test duration and are able to start the test. Click Start Test Now to begin completing the test.

  1. When the student is completing the test, the time remaining is shown in the top right corner.
  2. Select answers for each of the questions.
  3. The scores for each question can be seen on the left side of the question.

If the browser window is accidentally closed or the test is navigated away from during the test, the test is still available. Navigate back to Edsby and click Continue Test to return to the testing sheet.

The time begins to count down as soon as the test is started and will continue to count down even if the testing sheet isn’t on the screen.

When all answers have been selected, click Submit at the bottom of the test to submit the test and close the testing sheet. If a student submits a test with unanswered questions, Edsby will provide a warning and indicate which have been left blank for the student to answer.

After submitting, the student is provided with the following confirmation:

If a student does not complete the test within its specified duration, the test will be automatically submitted and the student will be given this prompt.

Note: The time an online test is set to open and close as well as an assessment’s due date is based on the time zone the teacher creates the assessment in, not the student’s time zone, if it differs from the teacher.

Retaking an Online Test

If the teacher has set the number of attempts greater than 1, an option will be available for students to retake the test. Navigate back to the assessment and click Retake Test. A page opens to show the student the time limit and the number of attempts remaining. Click Retake Test Now to complete the test again.

Viewing grades for an Online Test

When the teacher shares the grades for the test, they will be visible in a student’s My Work. Click the class and select My Work from the top menu bar. The quiz will be at the top of the student’s My Work with a grade and an opportunity for the student to ask a private question.

Viewing the correct answers for an Online Test

When the teacher shares the grades for the test, the student can view their answers and the correct answers. Students can view their submissions by clicking the submission link anywhere the assessment is visible – including from My Work, the Class feed or Calendar. The student will be provided with a list of their submissions. Click View Submission to see the correct answer and scores.