Who has access to my classes, and how do I control this?

Within each class is a Setup link across the top navigation panel. To access it, click the drop down arrow at the right of the navigation panel and select Setup.

Within the Class Settings, you’ll find drop-down menus for both student and parents that govern their level of access to this class. These settings only affect students subscribed to this class and the parents linked to those students. All other student and parent accounts will not have access to this class regardless of these settings.

Other teachers will not have access to your classes by default. If you wish to allow a teacher access to one of your classes, list their name in the Teachers and Assistants section of the Class Settings.

This will pin the class to their account base and give them the same control over this class as your own – including the ability to add, edit and delete gradebook content. Accounts with office head, vice principal, principal, and IT administrator roles will always be able to access your classes.