Managing the News River

Everyone likes to be up to date with the latest news and Edsby makes that easy. The News River is located at the top of everyone’s home screen.

In Edsby, schools and districts can publish news to the News River. When individuals log into Edsby, they will see the News River at the top of their Home Screen with news that is relevant to them. A teacher teaching at one school will receive news from the district and school. A parent with children at two different schools in the district will receive news from both schools and the district. Staff working at multiple schools will receive news from each school they are associated with.

Creating News Articles

To add an article to the News River, navigate to the School Page.

Click Submit an Article at the top of the page and fill in the form with a title, content, and image. For best results, select an image with dimensions 1024 px by 520 px. 

News River articles also support attachments. To add an attachment to the article, click one of the attachment icons depending on the style of the attachment. Click Submit.

The article is added to the School Page pending approval. Until approved, the article is only visible to school administrators. Administrators have the choice of approving, editing, or rejecting news articles:

Once it is approved, other Edsby users will see the news headline for this item in the News River like this:

Articles with attachments have a visual indicator.

When users click on the news headline they will see the complete article:

Attachments can be viewed or downloaded from either the desktop browser or a mobile device.

Staff and students can submit articles, however, only school administrators can approve them. This enables teachers and students to contribute to the school news, while giving the school administration the opportunity to edit, and perhaps reject, an article.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the article to Edit or Unapprove to remove it from the school feed the article. Or, click the gear icon to set a Show or Expire date.

To delete a news article, hover over the article, and click the trashcan icon that appears.