Exporting Attendance Data

After processing the parent emails, voice mails, phone calls, and notes, approving parent submitted requested absences, admitting late students, and reviewing the Incidents tab, the Attendance Office may export the list of absent students to an external system.

Attendance Export File

Attendance data can be exported for use in a spreadsheet program. The file includes the following fields:

IncidentID Unique Identifier
IncidentDate The date the incident occured
UpdateDate The date and time the incident was modified
FirstName Student first name
LastName Student last name
GUID Edsby’s Global Unique Identifier
SID Student ID as supplied by the Student Information System
Grade Grade of student
PeriodIDs Period ID as supplied by the Student Information System
Time Time of the period
Class Class name associated with the incident
ClassGUID Unique Identifier for the class
TeacherNames Names of teachers assigned to the class
TeacherGUIDs Unique Identifier for the teachers
Code Absent, Late, or Present
ReasonCode Code listed in the Incident Form’s drop-down list
Reason Description of Code
Comment Text entered in the Comment field of the Incident Form or the Attendance Sheet

To export attendance data, navigate to the Incidents tab in the Attendance Zoom. Navigate to the day needed.

To export a subset of a day’s attendance data, set the filters to display the information to be included in the export. To export all incidents on a day, ensure All is selected under Status.

Click Export.

The Export form will appear. Choose the Export type and click Export. The file will download with a csv extension.

To export attendance data for multiple days, in the attendance export form, uncheck Export Selected Records Only. Unchecking this field reveals the date pickers. Set the start and end date, then click Export.

The Attendance Export Form

Field Name About
Export selected records only Field will appear on the form when filters have been applied to the Attendance Zoom.
Export date range Set the date range to be exported. Attendance data for a large range may take a few minutes to download.
Advanced Options
Suppress column headers The column headers are not included in the export.
Add column type header String, date, or number, for example.
Encoding UTF8 includes extended characters, such as accents in people’s names.
Minimal Quoting Choices include No Quoting, Minimal Quoting, Quoted all non-numeric values, or Quote everything.

Note: Ask your School District for information about how to import attendance data to a third party.