Assessments and Google Workspace for Education

Teachers can create an assessment and provide students with a personal copy of a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide. When the student submits their copy of the document, the teacher can use the Grader to annotate the student’s work. When a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide file is submitted through this process, the teacher has access to the same annotation tools as they do within Google Workspace.

To begin the process, the teacher creates the documents within their Google Workspace. In Edsby, the teacher creates an assessment and enables online submissions of a document or file. In the “Files for students” section of the assessment form, the teacher clicks the Google icon and attaches a live link to the document for the assessment. The teacher then chooses between the following options:

  • “Read Only” – Students can open the file from the assessment.
  • “Make a copy for each student” – Students create a copy of the document. The copy of the document is submitted through Edsby.


On the assessment form, the teacher enables an online submission, attaches a live link document, and selects the read-only option. 

The student then has access to the document but cannot make any changes to it. After completing the assignment, the student submits the document along with their own work.

Make a copy for each student:

On the assessment form, the teacher enables online submission and in the Files for Students section, the teacher clicks the Google icon to open the Google Drive file picker. The teacher selects the document or documents required to complete the assessment and chooses the “Make a copy for each student” option. To complete the assignment, the student opens the assignment and clicks the Copy and Open button next to the file name. 

The document is copied to the student’s Google Workspace and a tab is opened for the document or documents. Once the required documents have been copied, the Submit button becomes active. The student then edits the document and can access the document anytime from within their Google Workspace or by returning to the assessment form. 

When the student is ready to submit their work for feedback or evaluation, the student opens the assessment form and clicks submit. The student does not need to link or attach the documents, nor can the student add any other documents.

Once the student has submitted the files, the teacher can access them from within the Gradebook. Within the Grader, the teacher can provide feedback within the document and enter a grade for the assignment. The teacher has access to the same set of features as they would have if the document was opened within their Google Workspace. The student and teacher can see any edits, comments, or reactions as soon as they are made, therefore, the Share Annotation button is not necessary when students have submitted a torn-off copy of the Google document.

The teacher also has the option of accessing the student’s shared documents from within their own Google Workspace.