Learning Stories for Teachers

The focus of Edsby’s learning evidence system is to support the assessment, evaluation, and reporting practices of K-12 teachers. Edsby provides teachers with purpose-built tools to capture evidence. Once captured, Edsby provides innovative tools to organize and analyze the evidence as well as create Learning Stories to share with students and parents.

When teachers first capture a piece of evidence regarding a student, it is private to the teacher. However, teachers have the option to share the evidence with the student and the student’s parents if they desire. The evidence can be shared immediately through the New Evidence form or from the Organize tab of the evidence system after the evidence has been captured.

Share Immediately

To share the evidence immediately during creation of the learning evidence, select the checkbox next to Share with Student and Parent in the New Evidence form.

When the evidence is saved, it will automatically be posted to the student’s Learning Story and will be visible to both the student and their parents.

Share Later

To share a piece of learning evidence that has already been created, navigate to the organize tab of the learning evidence system in a class. Select the correct student from the drop-down list.

Select one or more pieces of evidence and click Share from the top toolbar.

Type an optional note to the parent.

This note will be visible as a comment on the post in the student’s Learning Story.

Alternatively, teachers can also share the learning evidence by opening up the New Evidence form again. Double click a piece of evidence in the Organize tab and select the checkbox next to Share with student and parent. Click save.

The learning evidence will be posted to the student’s learning story.

Shared Evidence Arrow

An arrow on the piece of evidence in the Organize tab indicates the evidence has been shared and is visible in the student’s Learning Story by the student, their parents, and their teachers.

This provides teachers with a quick look at which learning evidence items have been shared.

What Students and Parents See

Teachers are enabled with a view of what students and parents see when a teacher has shared learning evidence with them. Navigate to the learning evidence system in a class. Select the Learning Story tab.

Choose a student from the drop-down list.

This provides the teacher with a view of the student’s Learning Story and enables them to know what parents and students can see.

Teachers can also comment and reply to discussions on the various posts in the feed to communicate with the student and parent about the student’s learning.

Students can add an item shared in their Learning Story to their Portfolio by clicking the blue Plus icon on the item.

To remove the item from their Portfolio, they just click the Plus icon again.