Mobile Learning Evidence

Edsby makes it easy for teachers to capture evidence from the convenience of their smart phone or tablet. Evidence can be captured in the moment and accessed later for editing or viewing.

All classes automatically have evidence enabled. To access evidence from a mobile device, login to the Edsby app. Once logged into the Edsby app, select Classes from the Navigation bar. On the Classes Screen, classes will have a New Evidence button.

Click New Evidence. Select the students that the evidence applies to. Scroll to the bottom and tap Next.

Take a picture within the app or add an attachment.

Edsby allows teachers to personalize the evidence they wish to capture: whether it is an observation, a piece of conversational evidence, added expectations, tags, or performance indicators, and the option to share with students and parents or post in a student’s portfolio, the evidence can be customized in many ways.

When the evidence form is completed, click Save.

Once saved, the teacher is brought to the All Evidence tab. Here, any evidence the teacher has created for any student is present. Teachers can create additional evidence by clicking the New Evidence icon at the top right of the screen.

Teachers can delete any evidence by clicking Edit under the item and clicking Delete at the bottom of the form.

Teachers can also Like, Reply, Edit, or Share/Unshare a specific piece of evidence by selecting these options below the evidence.

Click Learning Story to see evidence items for a specific student that are visible to the student and the student’s parents or guardians.

Navigate to different students by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the student’s name and selecting a new student from the menu.

Teachers can also access evidence from within a class feed. Click into a class and select Evidence from the top menu bar. This brings the teacher to the All Evidence page.

Evidence can be organized and analyzed in the browser. For more information on using evidence from a web browser, click here.

Teachers and students can easily capture Evidence through the Edsby Capture App. Click here for more information.