Printing QR Codes

The Edsby Evidence system provides teachers with a powerful tool to capture pedagogical evidence regarding the learning of each of their students.

The Edsby Capture App provides a simple way to do this.

In order to link learning evidence to the right student, unique QR codes are issued to each student in a class and scanned when using Edsby Capture.

QR codes can be printed from both the Evidence system or from the Student Panel in a class.

Evidence System

To print QR codes for the students in your class, navigate to the Evidence system in the class.

In the All Evidence view, click the button that says Print QR Codes for Students.

Click Print.


Student Panel

Teachers can also print QR codes from the student panel of a class. Click to view all students in the class. Click QR Codes, then click Print.

Reissuing Codes

If you need to reissue QR codes for all of your students, click Reissue all Codes.

If you only need to reissue QR codes for a handful of students, click the Reissue Code icon in the bottom right corner of each student’s individual square.