Communicating with your Teacher

You can communicate with your teachers through My Work, Class posts, or through Edsby Messages.

My Work

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to stay after class to ask your teacher a question about your upcoming test or assignment. Edsby enables you to privately message your teachers about a specific assignment.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming or graded assessments, navigate to My Work. If you are accessing Edsby on the browser, navigate to the Assessments tab of My Work.

  1. On mobile, access My Work in the Class header. The My Work feed lists all assignments in a Class as well as the results of any your teacher has chosen to share.
  2. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming or graded assessments, click the speech bubble icon.
  3. You can access any comments, responses, or changes to grades your teacher has made by clicking the assignment and viewing the details.

Class Feed

Consider posting in the class feed to ask a question other students in the class might also have.

This provides a great way for you to collaborate with your classmates and for your teacher to contribute as necessary. If your teacher has not enabled students to post in the class, ask them! Opening up the class for students to post fosters greater engagement in Edsby and the class. It also facilitates learning opportunities and encourages healthy communication between students.

Private Messages

If My Work or posting in a class is not best for the message you would like to send to your teacher, use Edsby Messages. You can contact any staff at your school in addition to your teachers, like coaches or the Principal.

Note: The messages you send can be reviewed by a school administrator and you are unable to delete anything you send.

Access your mailbox by clicking the envelope icon in the Navigation Bar on mobile or the browser. Create a new message by clicking the Compose Message button and typing your teacher’s name as the recipient.