Configuring App Integrations for a District or School Using the LTI Standard

Edsby is designed to connect tightly with many different school district systems. Edsby offers API-level integrations with other popular applications, or through open standards such as the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). 

LTI app configuration in Edsby is available at a district or school level for use by all teachers and students within a district or school. Or, at an individual teacher level for use by the teacher and students within the class. Configuring an LTI tool at the district or school level enables all teachers in the district or school to have access to it.

Logged in as a District or School IT Admin, navigate to the District or School page of which you wish to configure an LTI Tool at.

On the District or School Page, click Manage in the top right.

Scroll on the Manage Page to the LTI Tool Providers panel on the right. Click New.

Once you have selected to create a new LTI tool, a form will open enabling you to configure the way Edsby uses the LTI tool. Personalize based on the specific tool you are adding.

Click here for more information on how teachers can set up their own LTI tools.